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    How Well Do You Actually Know Scotland?

    Three levels, 50+ Scottish places, and a blank map. It's time to test your knowledge.

  • The Lost History Of A Deadly Boxing Match On The USS Yankee

    What was intended to be entertainment for hundreds of idle soldiers instead turned into a tragedy.

  • Stop Right Now And Play With This Interactive Puppy Video

    Hey dummy! Why are you doing adult stuff when this 360° puppy video exists?

  • It's Hoverboard Season

    This holiday season, we want to roll around on motorized two-wheeled scooters — and China wants to give us what we want, as soon as we want it. BuzzFeed News travels to Shenzhen, the world capital of memeufacturing, to see how your Black Friday sausage gets made.

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    17 Of The Funniest Tweets About Books In 2015

    "The first rule of Hobbit Club is there's no Tolkien about Hobbit Club."

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  • Eli Manning Has Become "Penguin Boy" And The World Will Never Be The Same

    The most wonderful closed-caption error in history has given Eli Manning a perfect new nickname.

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